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Real Estate Assessor

Important Information

The Office of the Real Estate Assessor is currently finalizing its work on the 2015 Annual Reassessment.  Notices will be mailed to all property owners on Friday, March 6, 2015.  Informal hearings will be conducted with staff appraisers between then and Friday, May 8, 2015.  Any matters not resolved during the informal hearings may be appealed to the Board of Review no later than May 31, 2015. 

The Office of the Real Estate Assessor is available to answer taxpayer questions at any time during the year. If you have questions concerning your assessed value or property information, please call (757) 823-1343

What We Do
Real estate property in the City of Norfolk is assessed annually on July 1 and, by law, the assessed value is required to be 100% of the estimated fair market value. To ensure accuracy and uniformity of assessments for almost 74,000 properties, the appraisal staff reviews and analyzes sales information throughout the city to account for changes in value due to market fluctuations, as well as updates the records to reflect any new buildings, additions, renovations, land subdivisions, etc.

The assessor’s office also keeps track of ownership changes, maintains maps of parcel boundaries, updates descriptions of building and property characteristics, administers the Abatement Program for eligible renovated properties, and determines eligibility of applications for tax exempt status.

Forms & Applications