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Assessment Process
General Reassessment
A general reassessment is the periodic revaluation of all real property within a jurisdiction for the purpose of establishing market value, as well as ensuring uniformity among property types and an equitable distribution of the tax burden to all property owners.

By law, a general reassessment is conducted annually in the City of Norfolk with assessments effective as of July 1. Annual reassessments keep pace with changes in the market. During a reassessment, all property values are examined and adjustments are made where necessary.

Supplemental Assessment
The City of Norfolk has an established system of quarterly payments for real estate taxes beginning on July 1. Supplemental assessments are authorized by the Code of Virginia §58.1-3291. The quarters are listed below. 

First Quarter - July / August / September
  • Assessments effective July 1
  • Taxes due September 30

Second Quarter - October / November / December 

  • Assessments effective October 1
  • Taxes due December 5

Third Quarter - January / February / March 

  • Assessments effective January 1
  • Taxes due March 31

Fourth Quarter - April / May / June

  • Assessments effective April 1
  • Taxes due June 5

Generally speaking, improvements increasing the market value of a property will also increase the assessed value. Based on the date of completion, the value added to the existing assessment will be effective the first day of the next quarter. As an example, if an addition is added to a dwelling and the date of completion is determined to be September 3, the increased assessment will be effective October 1. This is also true for demolitions. The first day of the next quarter after demolition, the assessed value of the demolished building is removed.

The supplemental assessment represents a pro rata portion of the value being added for the remaining months of the current tax billing year. A Supplemental Assessment Notice will inform the property owners of the additional amount being added to the improvement value since the current assessment valuation for July 1. Property owners may appeal a supplemental assessment at any time during the year; however, it is suggested that it be done as soon as possible after receipt of the notice.

Partial Assessment
Partial assessments represent the value of an unfinished new improvement, new addition, alteration, or renovation on the July 1 date of assessment valuation. Partial assessments are authorized by the Code of Virginia §58.1-3291. Property owners are notified of the addition of a partial assessment with a notice of assessment change as part of the general reassessment process.