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Jail Diversion
The Jail Diversion Program is a post-booking program for nonviolent offenders with repeated misdemeanor charges and who are experiencing mental illness. 

The Norfolk CSB post-booking, mental health and co-occurring Jail Diversion service is a collaborative process between Norfolk Community Services Board and the Norfolk City Jail, as well as other criminal justice partners.  Young manThis post-booking service is designed to link eligible jail detainees (consumers) to mental health, co-occurring programs and services operated by the Norfolk Community Services Board.

Specific services provided under the Jail Diversion Program include: 

  • Serves as a liaison to the Norfolk City Jail and conducts face-to-face assessment of individuals in the jail to determine the presence of mental illness or a co-occurring disorder
  • Works with appropriate jail staff and pre-trail case manager to provide discharge/jail release for all eligible clients
  • Linking to services and supports that are specified in the Individual Service Plan (ISP) 
  • Coordinating services and planning with other agencies and providers
  • Making collateral contacts with significant others to promote implementation of the services plan and community adjustment
  • Monitoring progress and service delivery through contacts with service providers, site visits, and home visits
  • Assisting with problem solving to educate and guide the consumer and to develop a supportive relationship, providing counseling and crisis intervention


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