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Strategy Implementation Updates

Norfolk’s resilience strategy contains actionable recommendations to face and respond to our current and future challenges and capitalize on our strengths and opportunities. The actions that support the strategy are diverse, but all of them are a commitment to a new way of doing business—collective and coordinated action to build resilience. Below, you can learn about the initiatives that are already underway.

Goal 1: Design the coastal community of the future.

Vision 2100
The City of Norfolk has begun a planning process called Vision 2100, a citizen-led discussion to identify what principles the city should use to guide future land use decisions.

Retain Your Rain
Norfolk residents learn how they can be part of building a more resilient Norfolk through a citywide, systemic approach to water management.

Partner with Global Experts to Develop Next-Generation Water Management Strategy
Leaders from 34 nations gathered in Norfolk to come up with a plan to improve understanding on how military, business, and civil sectors can work together to build urban resilience as part of NATO’s Interdependency in Resilience Conference. Learn more...

Goal 2: Create economic opportunity by advancing efforts to grow existing and new industry sectors.

RE.bound Bonds
Investing in resilience is complicated. The City of Norfolk organized a workshop to discuss how to capture potential insurance benefits generated by specific coastal protection projects.

Goal 3: Advance initiatives to connect communities, deconcentrate poverty, and strengthen neighborhoods.

We Feed
The City of Norfolk, the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore and the local IT firm Concursive, have partnered to fight food insecurity in the city.

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