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Public Health
Zika Virus Disease
For more information on Zika Zika virus infection is a viral disease primarily spread to people through bites of infected mosquitoes, but sexual transmission has also been documented. Mosquitoes become infected by feeding on infected persons. Zika virus is transmitted primarily by Aedes aegypti (Yellow fever mosquito). Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito) can also spread the virus. To learn more about Zika click here.

Prevention and Personal Protection from Mosquitoes

Worried about mosquitoes? Then it’s time to Tip, Toss and Cover!
Video: English | Spanish/Vaciar, Tirar y Cubrir

Zika Virus Protection Tips from VDH Health Commissioner and Videos

Norfolk Vector Control Fights Mosquitoes

The Norfolk Department of Public Health (NDPH), in collaboration with a Community Advisory Board, is leading a new initiative to improve the health of our community! 
We will be using a nationally recognized health planning tool developed by the Center for Disease Control called MAPP (Mobilizing for Health through Planning and Partnerships) to guide our process. The purpose of MAPP is to engage community members and partners in conducting a series of four assessments to identify significant issues that affect the health and quality of life in Norfolk. The MAPP process applies strategic thinking, community input and data analysis to prioritize health issues and begin identifying ways to address them. 
We believe that your assistance is critical in this process. No one knows a community better than its residents and partners who experience it every day.

What have we already done?
We have just finished completing all four MAPP assessments. Results and descriptions of each assessment are below.
  • The Norfolk Local Public Health System Assessment was a discussion-based analysis of how well service providers and community organizations worked together to provide key public health services in Norfolk. On Tuesday, December 8, we hosted a community dialogue about Norfolk’s public health system. Over 80 participants attended representing 45 organizations. Some of the services that we discussed included monitoring health, mobilizing community partnerships, and linking vulnerable populations to care. Summary of results from Norfolk’s Public Health System Assessment.  Final report 
  • To conduct the Community Themes and Strengths Assessment, we circulated a survey across all of Norfolk to better understand how residents and partners felt about health and quality of life issues in Norfolk.  Final report
  • The Community Health Status Assessment was an analysis of the secondary data that investigates the health of Norfolk residents and related issues that impact their health. Final report
  • The Forces of Change Assessment investigated the policy, environmental, and community forces that affect the health of our community. In January 2016, the NDPH hosted a Forces of Change brainstorming session. Over 26 community leaders and service providers participated, representing 19 organizations. Final report

The Norfolk Department of Public Health and Norfolk Recreation, Parks and Open Space collaborated together on a special project to capture our community through the eyes of our youth with the Norfolk Photovoice project. Photovoice was a documentary photography initiative and a creative way to allow youth to share with key stakeholders some of the strengths and health challenges within their community. Through facilitated discussions youth shared and documented on the good things, health problems and risky behaviors in their neighborhoods through the art of photography and written captions.
Photovoice Final Report

Norfolk Community Health Needs Assessment Final Report

What's Next
Through the MAPP process, we identified eight key health issues, including: safe communities, accessing places and services to stay healthy, workforce and economic development, communication and collaboration among partners and the public, mental health, sexual health, chronic disease prevention, and smoking, drugs, and alcohol. Learn more about our key issues 

As the process moves forward, we hope you will stay involved. We are getting ready to start developing plans to address key health issues. There will be plenty of opportunities for input in developing health improvement plans and putting our plans into action! 

For more information, to volunteer, or to get involved in the MAPP, please contact Nancy Cisco at

Learn more about MAPP 
Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) is a community-driven strategic planning process for improving community health. To learn more about MAPP, please click on the enclosed link: 

What You need to know about
Ebola – Frequently Asked Questions and Information
Please click on the links below for current and accurate information regarding Ebola from the Virginia Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Ebola Readiness in Norfolk - Health Watch
See what the local Health Department, Emergency Management, local CDC, airports and hospitals are doing right now to be ready for a possible Ebola event in the area. Video

New Online Food Handler Training
The Norfolk Department of Public Health now provides food handler training online through "State Food Safety" here.  Purchase the online training course for $15.00. The class is offered in full audio and visual in English, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese. You may be able to complete the course and test in less than 90 minutes. After you complete the course, you will be able to print your food handler card. 

Join the Norfolk Medical Reserve Corps 
Looking for a way to have a positive impact on public health and serve your community? Join the Norfolk Medical Reserve Corps! We are a group of trained health care professionals and non-medical support personnel working to support public health initiatives, projects and outreach to ensure a healthier community. To learn more, please visit the Virginia Medical Reserve Corps or call 757-683-2760. 

Free Child Safety Seats & Booster Seats to Eligible Families 
The Child Passenger Safety Program focuses on promoting proper safety seat restraint use for children, correct usage of child restraints among parents and caregivers through outreach and education, and proper installation education. 

The program provides income eligible families with education and free child safety seats and booster seats from as early as the third trimester of pregnancy through seven years of age. 

For more information on the car seat program and eligibility requirements visit the Virginia Department of Health or call the safety seat program coordinator at 757-683-2301. 

If you are a Norfolk resident and qualify for a free child safety seat, you can register on line at Application for a Child Safety Seat.

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