Calling for Police Assistance

Police calls can change moment by moment. Depending on the circumstances, the Telecommunicator may stay on the phone with you while officers are responding. This is for the safety of everyone involved as well as keeping the officers abreast of the situation.


You can help us help you by providing the best description are you safely able to. By allowing the Telecommunicator to guide you through the description the information is instantly transmitted and alerts the officers on the way to assist you to potential suspects. View a sample description of persons, vehicles, and weapons (PDF).


Non-Emergency crimes can be reported directly to the Norfolk Police Word Process Unit at 757-664-7038. We handle and dispatch officers to many non-emergency calls for service; however, the Norfolk Police Department's Word Process Unit is responsible for taking the following calls for service right over the phone. This allows officers to handle higher priority calls for service and allows you to get on with your day!

Non-Emergency Crimes

  • Harassing phone calls (without threats of violence)
  • Larceny (Less than $500)
  • Larceny from a building or a secured building where an insider took property and not the result of a burglary. (Less than $500)
  • Larceny from a vehicle (Less than $500) (This does not include the amount of damage to a vehicle, just property taken from the vehicle)
  • Larceny from vending/coin machine (Less than $500), washer/dryer machines in a common area or open business
  • Larceny of a bicycle (Less than $500)
  • Larceny of parts from a vehicle (Less than $500). If the ignition has been tampered with, that is "Tampering with an auto" and an officer will be dispatched)
  • A lost firearm is the only "lost property" report that will be taken by an officer in person.
  • Missing Person (There is no evidence of foul play, no medications, and no mental disabilities)
  • The Norfolk Police do not take the lost item or lost property reports including lost cell phones
  • Obscene communications (Without threats of violence)
  • Shoplifting (Less than $500) when there is no one in custody, it did not just occur with suspect description and direction of travel, and no one being pursued by a private citizen
  • Stolen license plates
  • Vandalism (Less than $1000 and there was no shooting into occupied dwellings)

Online Reporting System

Citizens may also utilize the Citizens Online Reporting System. Non-emergency and non-violent crimes with no suspect information or leads, occurring within the boundaries of Norfolk may be reported online with the possibility of an investigator providing follow-up contact.

Norfolk Cares Assistance Center

Anything not listed may be handled by Norfolk Cares Assistance Center at 757-664-6510.