Street Index Documents

Welcome to the City of Norfolk's "Street Index Documents." These documents provide users an alphabetical listing of official city streets and which map grid(s) they are contained within.

Index Documents

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Street Index Documents

This index is only a guide and streets listed may or may not be complete. Street names were obtained from the digital street centerline file maintained by the Division of Surveys within the Department of Public Works.

Street Names

Street names may include a directional that is fully spelled out (i.e. East, West, North, or South) depending on how the street name was legally recorded. Those streets with a pre-directional (i.e. N, S, E, W) before the street name will be listed twice in this index, once under the first letter of the street name and again using the pre-direction. For example W Brambleton Avenue will be listed under the &Bs and also under the Ws.

Grid Numbers

The grid numbers associated with each street are graphically depicted on page 29 of the Street Name Index By Grid Number document.

A large higher resolution map (PDF) showing all the streets, block numbers, and grid, is also available.