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Norfolk is a city that celebrates special events and their contributions to the vibrancy, cultural richness and economic vitality of our community. Norfolk values the diverse array of events hosted annually and encourages new events that will educate, entertain and support healthy lifestyles in our communities.

Open Air Events

Open Air Events encompass all outdoor programs contracted with the City of Norfolk and managed by SevenVenues, with a focus on contributing to Norfolk’s quality of life. Events like Pridefest, Caribfest, Norfolk Harbor Half Marathon and many more have been designed to:

  • Enhance tourism.
  • Provide an economic benefit to local businesses.
  • Promote cultural diversity.
  • Provide affordable entertainment in an outdoor setting.

Open Air Events was established in 2016 as a merger between the City of Norfolk’s SevenVenues and Norfolk’s Special Events Team.

Contact SevenVenues

The SevenVenues office is located in Scope Arena. Administrative offices are located on the lower concourse and are accessible from the Box Office (in the Scope Parking Garage).

Please contact our staff at 757-664-6880 for assistance or to schedule a meeting with our team.