Norfolk Arts Commission 

No other city in Virginia, and few of any cities its size, offer the breadth and level of arts programming that Norfolk enjoys. The City has garnered both national and international accolades for its support of the arts. It has earned a stellar reputation that attracts tourists worldwide, dramatically contributing to the local economy and enhancing the educational experience of both novice and seasoned artists. The city's support of the arts and its myriad forms is unrivaled in the region and includes:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Opera
  • Public art
  • Theater
  • Visual arts

The Norfolk Commission on the Arts and Humanities is proud to help support the organizations that make the arts and culture come alive. Grant supported programs reach into every neighborhood and give all citizens the opportunity to enjoy the finest arts Norfolk has to offer.


As part of Norfolk Arts (the Bureau of Cultural Affairs) the Norfolk Commission on the Arts and Humanities serves as an effective resource to arts and humanities organizations for the City of Norfolk, helping provide extraordinary moments by extraordinary people.


  • Established 1978
  • 15 members appointed by City Council
  • 3 year, renewable terms with 12 year term limit
  • Member designated "at large" or aligned with a particular arts discipline


  • Promote the success, enhance the quality, provide support and increase the availability and awareness of artistic and cultural experiences for the benefit of the citizens of Norfolk
  • Advocate for non-profit arts and humanities organizations and their funding needs
  • Provide support to grantees as requested and available
  • Facilitate and improve communication, collaboration and efficiencies among grantees, other arts organizations and city departments
  • Promote the arts and humanities in the City
  • Ensure that every region of the city has access to the arts