Information Technology

Our Mission

To provide the support framework for customer-focused services that leads to a well-managed government and engaged citizens.

Our Vision

To be an innovative and trusted partner in delivering communications and technology solutions that improve employee productivity and service delivery, engage our citizens and promote business growth and educational opportunities.

Areas of Focus:

  • Focus Area One: Deliver innovative and effective technology services to connect residents to their city government, promote transparency, encourage resilience and improve public safety
  • Focus Area Two: Position Norfolk as a regional leader in championing technology that encourages entrepreneurial and economic development while reducing the digital divide
  • Focus Area Three: Provide innovative enterprise-wide technology support and solutions to enhance efficiency, strengthen cybersecurity and power data-informed decision-making


Our department is divided into four bureaus. Each bureau has specific goals that support the focus areas:

  • Administration is comprised of IT's Business Manager and Management Services Administrator and their staff.
    • The Business Manager is responsible for budget, financial transactions, payroll, and human resources functions.
    • The Management Services Administrator handles departmental communications and leads the Open Data program.
  • Applications Development and Support is responsible for
    • Development and support of departmental and enterprise applications for department operations.
    • Manages and integrates data and enables the public to access city information.
    • Assisting with key city initiatives that support resilience and transparency.
  • Infrastructure and Security is responsible for:
    • Designing, installing and supporting network, telecommunications, server, and storage infrastructure
    • Developing and enforcing cybersecurity policies and standards to protect data and technology resources
    • Selecting, installing and supporting desktop and mobile computing devices
  • Operations and Strategy is responsible for:
    • Ensuring business continuity services
    • Managing assets such as telephones, mobile devices, and radios
    • Managing licenses
    • Planning for technology strategy and future growth