Nuisance Complaints


Environmental Health specialists investigate citizen complaints about high weeds, debris and inoperable vehicles, and resolve environmental health concerns through code enforcement of Norfolk's nuisance ordinances. Call 757-683-2712 for more information.

Inoperable Vehicles

Section 29-58 of the Norfolk City Code is the enforcement tool for inoperable vehicles on private property. An Inoperable Vehicles is one which:

  • Is missing tires, wheels, engine, essential body parts
  • Displays extensive body damage
  • Does not display current state license and current state inspection
  • Is wrecked or dissembled
  • Is not in operating condition

An inoperable vehicle may be kept in a fully enclosed building or structure. Notices of Violation are issued for abatement of the violation within 72 hours or a request is made for towing to the city's Towing and Recovery operation. For more information call 757-664-6510.


Exposure to loud noises is the biggest cause of premature hearing loss and other detrimental health effects. Studies have shown that exposure to too much noise over a short period of time can be just as damaging as chronic exposure to lower noise levels. The noise ordinance is found in Chapter 26 of the Norfolk City Code. For additional information on this ordinance, or for more information on Nuisance Complaints call 757-441-5610.