Death Certificate Search Requirements

Vital Records Death Certificate

You are entitled to a certified copy of a death certificate if you are a member of the deceased's family or if you are their legal representative.

Other applicants who may have a tangible interest but do not qualify for a death certification may receive a verification of death that includes the name of the deceased, date of death, date of birth and place of death.

Certified copies of death certificates may also be obtained from the state vital records office. Local certified copies of death certificates may also be issued from the Norfolk Department of Public Health. The Norfolk vital records office can only certify deaths that occurred during the last 5 years.

Required Information for a Death Search

  • Full name of the person whose death certificate is being requested
  • Full date of death (month, day, year)
  • City where the person was pronounced dead
  • The names of the deceased's parents
  • Signature of the person requesting the death certificate
  • Relationship between the person whose name appears on the death certificate and the person requesting the certified copy
  • The full name and complete mailing address of the person to whom the certificate is to be mailed
  • Area code and daytime telephone number of the person requesting the death certificate
  • Other information you consider helpful in the search for the death certificate ( Example: nicknames, alias, place of burial, etc.)