Major Improvement Projects & Plans

Parks & Recreation Master Plan

The City of Norfolk is in transition with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, budget reductions, and staff furloughs. These are all daunting challenges and obstacles that the City of Norfolk’s Department of Recreation, Parks & Open Space department is faced with. Due to these challenges, we as a department realized it was time to re-invent, re-brand, and reshape ourselves in the way we provide program delivery, how we provide services to all citizens and most importantly ensuring that we remain efficient, effective, and essential even with downsized operations.

We turned to a team that could help us obtain these goals and to accomplish our new mission led by a highly sought-after trendsetter in the field of Parks & Recreation Consulting and Master Planning, Mr. Neelay Bhatt.

Darrell R. Crittendon

We invite you to view either the full master plan or the executive summary.