Status of Flood Mitigation Assistance Projects

Grant Funding Overview

Grant opportunities are announced annually by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The city strategically identifies project opportunities, whether public or private, throughout the course of the year. Projects which weigh heavier are those which address the primary threats and also serve to decrease future National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) payouts. The current project focus is on neighborhood, regional, and watershed-level projects in line with the city's Resilience Strategy and Vision 2100.

Please note: Individuals cannot apply directly to FEMA for funding. The city submits application materials to VDEM on behalf of a property owner. VDEM will determine if a project is cost-effective and apply to FEMA for grant funding consideration.

Status of Projects & Pending Applications

 Provided below is the status of the city's approved projects and pending applications.

Project NameProgramPhase
Elevation of 6 Residential PropertiesFMA 2016In Progress
Acquisition and Demolition of 4 Residential PropertiesHMGP 4262-ACompleted
Elevation of 7 Residential PropertiesHMGP 4262-BCompleted 
Mitigation Reconstruction of 1 Residential PropertyFMA 2018-AIn Progress
Elevation of 11 Residential Properties
FMA 2018-B
In Progress
Elevation of 5 Residential PropertiesFMA 2020-ANot Selected by FEMA
Elevation of Four Attached TownhomesFMA 2020-BIdentified for Further Review by FEMA
Elevation of 7 Residental Properties FMA 2021Not Selected by FEMA