Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit, part of the Homeland Security Division, consists of motorcycles, marked and unmarked patrol units, all of which are used for a routine patrol as well as special events. It also has control over the school crossing guards assigned to schools throughout the city.


The officers assigned to the Traffic Unit perform multiple duties including:

  • Conduct safety talks for both military and civilian agencies upon request
  • Controlling traffic at major events in the city
  • Enforcing traffic regulations
  • Escorting funerals
  • Handle complaints regarding taxi and limousine violations and perform routine inspections and certification of the taxi cabs in service within the city
  • Investigating traffic crashes and notify the next of kin of the victims when tragic accidents occur
  • Provide special escorts for dignitaries visiting the city to include the President, Vice President and members of their families. Escorts have also been provided for various members of the Cabinet and occasionally for dignitaries from outside the country
  • Responds to citizen complaints of traffic related matters and shares data from a radar trailer with the city's Transportation Division to determine which areas of the city need additional monitoring and/or enforcement to control speeders

Motorcycle Unit

The motorcycle unit participates in all the parades in the city and has been part of parades in adjoining communities as well. They occasionally have been sent to other localities to assist in funeral processions for fallen officers.

Motor Carrier Team

The motor carrier team, another component of the Traffic Unit, inspect and weigh commercial vehicles in the city and issue overweight violations as required. A motor carrier unit van used to carry scales and computer equipment to enhance the inspection capabilities of the unit as well as provide a rolling office to handle all the attendant paperwork is a critical part of the unit. These officers also handle complaints of trucks in areas with restrictions for through truck traffic.