Investigative Support Unit

Commonwealth's Attorney Section

The Commonwealth’s Attorney Section acts as a liaison for the Norfolk Police Department with the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office and all other law enforcement agencies presenting cases for prosecution by the Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. Section investigators also conduct investigations and provide other assistance to support successful criminal prosecutions as requested by the Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney.

Crime Analysis Section

The Crime Analysis Section provided crime statistics to numerous entities for presentation at various community meetings. They also provide the Detective Division and uniformed officers with crime pattern information to allow a concerted effort to address any trends that are identified within the city. The phone number is 757-664-6929.

Economic Crimes

Economic Crimes investigates "white collar" crimes of fraud, forgery, worthless checks, credit card theft, false pretense, failure to perform construction, embezzlement, and identity theft. The phone number is 757-664-7018.

Forensic Section

The Forensic Section is responsible for the preservation, documentation, and collection of evidence from crime scenes. This section also examines evidence and scenes for latent prints, other trace evidence, and digital and electronic evidence to identify suspects and provide information on how, when and where crimes were committed. The phone number is 757-664-7189.

Photo Lab

The Photo Lab is responsible for processing all evidentiary photos for the police department. In addition, the staff photograph special events such as departmental promotional and awards ceremonies.