Property Crimes Unit

Auto Section

The Auto Section is responsible for investigating stolen vehicles, unauthorized use of motor vehicles, failure to return rental vehicles, possession of stolen vehicles, attempts to steal vehicles, larcenies of plates, inspection decals, hit and runs, and assaults with vehicles. The phone number is 757-664-7036.

Burglary Section

The Burglary Section handles burglaries reported in the city of Norfolk as well as pawn shop enforcement. Regular reporting of pawned items to the Police Department is mandated by ordinance and monitored by investigators who routinely visit the businesses to ensure compliance. The phone number is 757-664-7011.

General Assignment Section

The General Assignment Section investigates grand larcenies, larcenies from vehicles, and other felony thefts. The section also investigates criminal communications, runaways, and missing persons cases. In addition, these investigators also provide 24 hours a day criminal investigation services by conducting initial investigations of other major crimes until specific personnel can respond. The phone number is 757-664-7026.