What is a Watershed?

When it rains or snow melts, the precipitation flows across the ground's surface and begins to make its way to a nearby tributary, wetland, river or lake, and then on to a larger body of water, such as the Chesapeake Bay or our oceans. The land the water flows across on this journey and the waterways that receive it are call a watershed.

For more information on your specific watershed click on the map below:

Norfolk’s Watersheds

Lafayette River WatershedElizabeth River WatershedMason Creek WatershedMason Creek WatershedLafayette River WatershedLake Whitehurst WatershedLittle Creek WatershedLittle Creek WatershedChesapeake Bay WatershedChesapeake Bay WatershedSouthern Branch Elizabeth River WatershedElizabeth River WatershedElizabeth River WatershedElizabeth River WatershedLafayette River WatershedBroad Creek WatershedBroad Creek Watershed