Become a Foster Home for a Homeless Animal

Foster families provide hundreds of shelter animals the extra attention and time in a home that they need to recover from illness or injury, have a break from the shelter, or in the case of kittens, the time required to reach that 2-month mark and be ready for adoption. The Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center has current foster opportunities available that include:

Calico kitten

  1. Fostering kittens by  showering them with love until they are ready for their forever home.
  2. Fostering neonatal kittens! They need bottle feeding every two to six hours, depending on their age. Spring through fall is ‘Kitten Season’ and the more foster homes we have ready for neonatal kittens, the better.
  3. Adult dogs and cats who need a break from the shelter.
  4. Dogs and cats with special behavioral needs. Some of our animals lack socialization and training, and time spent in a foster home working on obedience and basic skills can make all the difference!
  5. Animals who are recovering from a medical procedure or illness. If you don’t have any other pets, we need you most of all for these types of animals! Having a quiet place to rest and recover makes a huge difference.

Animal Needs & Matching

The staff at the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center try to match the needs of the foster home with the needs of the animal(s). Once the animal has completed their time in the foster home, they return to the Adoption Center for placement into a new home. Foster care is a rewarding and educational experience. 

Pilot Medium and Large Dog Foster Program

The Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center in March 2019, began a six-month medium and large dog pilot foster program will run through August.  The medium and large dog foster program directly supports adoption efforts by giving dogs the opportunity to showcase their true personalities in a home environment.  This pilot program aligns with NACC’s vision of securing positive outcomes for 100% of the healthy and treatable animals received each year. The program goals are:

  • Learn about dogs’ true personalities in a home environment to boost their adopt-ability
  • Increase the adoption rate of medium and large dogs
  • Give dogs a meaningful break from the shelter environment
  • Create new community engagement opportunities

Consider becoming a foster for a medium or large dog.  NACC will supply food and medical support required during the foster stay. Foster periods can be as short as two weeks (i.e. no long-term commitment).

**Introducing Trello! You can now view all the shelter dogs looking for foster homes in one place! Simply click the link below to be taken to the “ NACC Dogs in Need of Foster” Trello board. . You can also access the Trello board using the QR code below! **

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More Information

Please email our Foster Coordinator for more information about NACC's foster programs. Be a part of their future success!  

What Our Foster Homes are Saying

"My family has been fostering for NACC for a little over a year now and it has been an eye-opening and wonderful journey that has brought us closer together. There's a real sense of family pride when an animal we've nurtured finds a good home. My boys look forward to each new litter like it's Christmas!"

"It's more personal, therefore, more rewarding to see an animal that I've care for and raised go on to be adopted."

"I'm able to provide a level of care that's not really possible to give at the shelter."

"It's an incredible feeling to know that I've personally made a huge difference in each of those animals' lives."