PhotoSafe Red Light

Photosafe-webRED Means STOP!

The key to PhotoSafe Norfolk’s success is public knowledge of the systems and the assurance that if you run a red light, your vehicle will be photographed, and you will receive a civil penalty for the violation.

PhotoSafe Intersections

The Violation

Registered owners will receive notice of violation/citations that will require the payment of a $50 fine. Instructions as to how to pay the fine will be provided with the notice of violation/citation.

The PhotoSafe violation is not reported to the Division of Motor Vehicles nor to the violator's vehicle insurance company.

Violators will be cited within 10 business days of their violation, and only after the photo and video has been reviewed no less than three times to insure a violation has indeed occurred.

All violators will be given access, via a link, to an online site where they can view photos and a video of their respective violation.

If a violator wishes to contest the notice of violation/citation, information will be provided instructing the recipient how to do so.


All information collected by the Photo Safe camera is purged on a regular basis.

To View The Violation Video Evidence Online

Visit and enter the following information:  Your notice of violation number (example: 496**********), and Pin# ****.

Payment By Mail

The address to the PhotoSafe Payment Center is: City of Norfolk, Photo Enforcement Program, P.O. Box 79691, Baltimore, Md 21279-0691.

Violations Older Than 90 Days

If your notice of violation/citation is over 90 days from the violation date you must contact the City of Norfolk Finance Division at (757) 664-4193 for payment and processing.

For Assistance

To speak to a Norfolk Police Officer about a red-light camera violation contact the PhotoSafe program office at (757) 823-4441

The PhotoSafe office is located within the Norfolk Police Traffic Unit, at 901 Asbury Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23513.