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This database contains the burial records of the eight cemeteries owned and operated by the City of Norfolk. Each burial record has its own memorial page where you can view or submit memories, stories and photos. Records also include a satellite map location within the cemetery. 


The following tips may help you with your search:

  • Cemetery: You can select a specific cemetery from the drop down menu, or select "Search All Cemeteries" to search the records of all eight cemeteries.
  • First and/or Last name: You can search by first name or last name or both. The tips below will help narrow (or widen) your search.
  • Exact Match: Type exactly the name you want to find.
  • Starts with: Type the letter(s) that the name starts with. For example, "A" will bring back all the names starting with the letter a.
  • Contains: Surround your search with the % sign to find all names containing those letters. For example, searching the last name %shaw% will find Bradshaw, Crenshaw, Shawn, etc.


The database that supports our website for burial searches no longer offers the "Nearby" burial search.

Once you click All Cemeteries, choose a cemetery, then click the name again and you will see a search bar.