Hampton Roads Regional Fire Academy

About the Academy Process

Norfolk Fire-Rescue is proud to provide first-rate education to all Firefighter Recruits that walk through our doors. All Firefighter Recruits go through the Hampton Roads Regional Fire Academy which is a 7 month arduous process. Here the Recruits are given the tools needed to succeed when tasked with fighting fires, responding to medical emergencies, and much more. Recruits will be exposed to the mental, physical, and emotional stresses and aspects of becoming a firefighter. Through a strenuous selection process, not all of those showing up on the first day of the academy will be successful. It requires commitment, focus, and a strong desire for community service to be successful.

Academy Standards

The Hampton Roads Regional Fire Academy teaches the recruit what it means to be a part of the fire service and the importance of professional service delivery to our citizens of Norfolk. They are held to high standards and are required to understand and demonstrate daily, the core values of Norfolk Fire-Rescue and the City of Norfolk. When the recruits complete the fire academy, they are moved to an operational assignment in one of our 14 fire stations.


Upon Completion of the Fire Academy, each recruit will be certified as:

  • Emergency Medical Technician-Enhanced
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Firefighter Level I and II
  • Mass Causality Level I and II
  • Mayday, Firefighter Down
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Heavy Tactical Rescue Level I (Rope and Vehicle Extrication)
  • Hazardous Material Awareness and Operations