Professional Development Academy

To prepare our members for the challenges of leadership and promotional opportunities, a Professional Develop Academy (PDA) was recently established. The PDA consist of 12 diverse class sessions that cover all areas of responsibility that an existing or new company officer may face. Each class is taught by chief officers in Norfolk Fire-Rescue and prepares our developing members for future challenges. Each class is taught on a flip/flop basis, typically twice a year. 

Class Details

The classes consist of:

  • Computer based staffing and reports
  • Disability management
  • Emergency medical services quality assurance
  • Fire cause and origin
  • Human relations
  • Incident command
  • Incident safety
  • Leadership
  • Oral communications
  • Performance management
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Written report writing

Completion Award & Promotion

After the completion of the 12 classes a certificate of completion is awarded. For eligibility for promotion, the members must have completed this program to compete. The goal of the PDA is to educate and prepare our current and future leaders to ensure that the service delivery to our citizens is of the highest quality.