Office to End Homelessness

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office to End Homelessness (OTEH) is to prevent and end homelessness in the City of Norfolk by establishing and promoting sustainable and effective policies, programs, services, and housing that will have a positive impact now and for future generations.

Department Overview

The Office to End Homelessness is responsible for the provision of policy and direction within the City of Norfolk, and in partnership with community partners and stakeholders, to subpart an effective system that works to end and prevent homelessness. OTEH also assists in providing oversight for services and activities which fill a gap that cannot be met by other city departments or within the community.

The office coordinates and supports activities that ensure access to federal and state funding sources to assist in ending homelessness. OTEH also works to ensure the development of city policies to end homelessness. Additionally, the department provides technical assistance and training in order to help ensure effective programs, services, and housing. Direct implementation of programs and services that assist in ending homelessness, including city initiatives and regional partnerships, ensure that an effective array of programs, services, and housing is available in the community.

Get Help

If you are homeless or experiencing a housing crisis, call the Housing Crisis Hotline: 757-587-4202