Fatherhood Development Group


Enjoy the rewards of being an involved father. Register online for the Fatherhood Development Group or call 664-6370.

About the Program

The Fatherhood Development Group brings fathers of all ages together to share their stories and to support one another while gaining new insight into the challenges of responsible parenting. Participants meet weekly for eight weeks and may be referred on a volunteer basis or by mandate. Participation is open to residents of Norfolk and Hampton Roads.

The Norfolk Department of Human Services, in partnership with the Department of Child Support Enforcement, launched a pilot program in 2012 aimed at improving the quality of the relationships between fathers and their children.

Additional Information

Discover the rewards that being an involved father can bring. You are not alone in your struggle. To learn more about the Fatherhood Development Group or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer facilitator, email Xaviera Evans or call him at 757-664-6370.

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Under the direction of the Department of Social Services and in conjunction with the Department of Child Support Enforcement, VPEP was created to provide resources, support, and train unmarried parents and those who work with unmarried parents about voluntary paternity establishment. We believe that the advantages of establishing paternity are endless and this endeavor will help families, one child at a time. Benefits of adding the dad to the birth certificate range from raising a child's self-esteem to establishing a health history.