Strategic Bike & Pedestrian Plan

Strategic Bike and Pedestrian Plan (PDF)

In December of 2015, City Council adopted the City of Norfolk Bicycle and Pedestrian Strategic Bike Plan. The plan was a result of a significant amount of public outreach including three public meetings, meetings with several focus groups, hundreds of responses to an online survey and two public hearings. The plan details 12 corridors that were selected through the public outreach effort that citizens identified as those streets within the City where they would most like to see bike facilities.

Pilot Bike Loop Project

With the goal of promoting safe, healthy and inclusive neighborhoods, the Pilot Bike Loop project implements a portion of the Bike/Pedestrian Master Plan with a 4-mile Pilot demonstrative loop of various bicycle facilities along 35th Street, Llewellyn Avenue, W Olney Road, 26th Street, 27th Street, and Colley Avenue.


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Construction Photos (updated) 

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The Pilot Bike Loop includes portions of those 12 corridors (Llewellyn Avenue, Colley Avenue, and Olney Road) identified in the Plan. The portion on 35th Street was not identified in the Plan as it was already identified as a location for a bike facility by the 35th Street Business Association.

Traffic After Installation

  • Current on-street parking will be maintained along the curb lane.
  • Bike lanes will be installed to the right of the drive lane, except on 35th Street where the lanes will be installed in the center of the roadway.
  • Motorists should keep left.

Worried About Traffic Back-Ups?

Rest easy, the lane reductions and road diets (taking a road from two lanes to one) take into consideration the number of cars that travel along the street throughout the day. Even so, we’re going to keep an eye on traffic and adjust the traffic lights if it becomes necessary.

Early Results: The new bike lanes on Llewellyn already show improvement in two areas. More cyclists are using Llewellyn to get where they need to go AND drivers are slowing down and traveling at the speed limit.

Traffic During Installation

  • Current on-street parking will remain after installation but will be temporarily removed for pavement marking installation. Watch for "No Stopping" signs which will be posted 24 to 48 hours in advance of the work.
  • Bike lanes will be installed to the right of the drive lane except on 35th Street where the lanes will be installed in the center of the roadway.
  • Motorists should keep left during construction work on Llewellyn Avenue, Olney Road, and Colley Avenue and keep right during construction work on 35th Street.

Pilot Bike Loop Plans

Plan Segments

Public Outreach

The City will post traffic information, project updates, mailers, special advisories on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Construction notices will be sent to each resident, business, and civic associations. This webpage will be updated regularly.

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