Desk to 5K


Challenging yourself to run a 5k is exciting! Even if you've never run a step before in your life, 3.1 miles is well within your reach. With some planning, proper training and inspiration, this Desk To 5k training program will help you accomplish your goals. Are you ready- Let's start running!

The Healthy Norfolk Desk to 5k training guide was created to be a one-stop shop for online resources and inspiration to help you get started as a new runner.

How It Works

This plan is flexible to fit your lifestyle. Feel free to rearrange running, strength, and rest days as your schedule and body demand. You will still reap the cardiovascular benefits and reach your personal goals if you switch around your training days. 

The beginner's Desk To 5k program, designed by SHAPE Magazine, will take you from sitting at your desk to running 3.1 miles at a time in six-eight weeks. It's a great preparation for your first 5k or to get you started on the road to a routine fitness program. The best news- There is no prior running experience necessary.

The Running Schedule

Three days per week you will do a walk-run combo, alternating between running and walking segments to build up your endurance. This is time based, so all you need is a watch or phone with a timer or stopwatch. Don't worry about your speed. This will come with more time on your feet. 

Two days per week you will strength train, which will keep you injury free. Need an example of a quick, 20 minute strength workout- Follow SHAPE magazine's Strength Training for Beginners total body workout plan.

You will take off two days per week to give your body time to rest and recover for your next workouts. Even if you are feeling great and want to go for an extra run, but sure to take it easy for two days per week. Rest and recovery are critical components of any successful training program. 

Now let's start running!