NBN Conference banner postponement banner

Thank you for your interest in the 2022 NBN Conference that was scheduled for June 25.  We have been closely monitoring our registration numbers to gauge attendance for this year’s conference.  Unfortunately, our registration numbers are not what they should be at this time.  As such, we have regretfully made the decision to postpone this year’s conference. 

We are regrouping  with the Harwood Institute and the other conference presenters to reengineer future opportunities that will bring the conference cost in better alignment with the number of attendees.  As stewards of taxpayer dollars, this is very important to us.  We are evaluating several options such as offering the individual breakout sessions as part of our Neighbors Building Neighborhoods (NBN) Academy this fall and/or spring. 

 Even though we are postponing, we are not ending what was planned for this year’s event!  We hope to continue to collaborate and engage with you throughout Norfolk’s communities. Stay tuned for future announcements.