Public Information Office

Responsibilities & Services

The Norfolk Police Department Public Information Office is responsible for the official dissemination of information from the department to local and national media outlets, and the public 24/7. Personnel of the Public Information Office are committed to maintaining a strong police-media partnership with up to date information regarding incidents, on-going investigations, special events and gathering information for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Additional Responsibilities

Other responsibilities include:

  • Handling social media such as Facebook
  • Organizing promotion and retirement ceremonies, the annual employee's award ceremony, and the Police Memorial
  • Responding to questions and comments that are received on the Norfolk Police Department website


Marketing of the Department's initiatives and programs are also a part of the staff's daily tasks, in addition to producing the Department's annual report. The Department's Chaplaincy and Crime Line program are also run through the Public Information Office.

Norfolk Crime Line

The Norfolk Crime Line (888-562-5887) remains a powerful and effective tool providing investigators valuable information on a variety of cases. The Public Information Officer continues as the Norfolk Police Department's Crime Line Coordinator and is responsible for collecting information from active cases and relaying that information to the general public through local media outlets.