Be Prepared

Disaster Preparedness is a responsibility shared by all. Everyone in the community, regardless of age or ability, should take steps to ensure they are prepared for a disaster individually as well as in their neighborhood, place of work, place of worship, and other activities.

This involves awareness and knowledge of the Team Norfolk plans as well as discussing individual plans with your family. It means sitting down with our children and talking about disasters with the hopes of replacing fear with facts. It's knowing how to stay informed throughout an incident and also how to engage and help others who might be in need. And it's all about doing these things now – ahead of the next incident.

Making Realistic Expectations

Incidentally, Team Norfolk Emergency Operations came to the clear realization that preaching disaster preparedness is naïve and unrealistic if folks are unable to meet their most basic needs. In other words, referencing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, if basic needs are not met, self-fulfillment needs like disaster preparedness will lack as well. As such, we were determined to better understand the reasons why individuals and families were unable to take steps to prepare, and thus create a list of resources to help them along the way.

Encouraging Using All Resources

This list is not all-exhaustive; rather, it is a living list of those resources and programs of which we're aware. Likewise, the City of Norfolk does not promote one non-city resource over another. Individuals interested are encouraged to conduct their own research to determine the best fit. If you are aware of a resource not currently listed, please let us know by emailing Karen Lovely or calling 757-441-5600!

Norfolk Community Partner Resource Guide Books

  1. Clothing, Education & Training, Employment, Food, and Housing Assistance Guide Book
  2. Health Care and Support Groups Guide Book
  3. Government Resources, ID Services, Referral, and Transportation Assistance Guide Book
  4. Immigration, Senior and Military/Veterans Services Guide Book
  5. Re-Entry and Legal Resources Guide Book
  6. Parent Resource Guide