Teen Local Emergency Planning Committee (Teen LEPC)

The City of Norfolk has a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) comprised of public safety and private sector partners that meets regularly and develops planning, training, and exercise opportunities. The Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response is offering Junior and Senior students the opportunity to get involved in public safety and to engage our collective audience, the citizens of Norfolk, in new and innovative ways to keep their neighborhoods safe and help their family, friends, schools, and community be better prepared. 

This group will have independence in selecting and developing activities to work on. The committee will kick off in October 2019, meeting every two weeks initially to get to know each other, then reducing meetings to monthly; this may change based on the needs and desires of the group. 


The goal is for the Teen LEPC to participate in an existing or develop a new service opportunity each quarter. They will also be required to fulfill four hours of continuous learning time on their own each year, which can be completed by taking online training, participating in the adult LEPC meetings, participating in other training/exercise opportunities, etc.

Join the LEPC

Interested high school Juniors and Seniors (2019 to 2020 school year) are encouraged to apply. The application requires that both the student and a faculty member complete individual sections. Faculty can include teachers, Community Resources Officers (CROs), clergy, or leadership from other nonprofit organizations the student participates in / with.

Applications are now being accepted, please download the application materials: