Civic and Business Associations

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Welcome! Norfolk’s civic and business associations contribute to the city’s long-standing reputation of resident involvement and neighborhood pride.  These groups make a positive impact every day in their neighborhoods and have a strong influence in shaping Norfolk’s policies.

Civic Association List 8 2023 (XLS)

Civic Association List 8 2023 (PDF)

Business Association List 2 2023 (XLS)

Business Association List 2 2023 (PDF)

Civic Leagues and Business Associations

The City of Norfolk does not regulate associations, but it does rely on associations to provide us accurate contact information. The Department of Neighborhood Services maintains a database of civic leagues and business associations.  Contact information provided is used by City Council members and City departments to send notices, extend invitations to events, and to seek input regarding neighborhoods. It is important for neighborhood associations to use the form below to help the City stay in touch. If you have any questions, feel free to email neighborhood engage.

Association Update / Registration

Register or update your neighborhood civic league information.

To learn if your neighborhood has a civic league, you may also use the Norfolk AIR map application. Enter your street address, select the "Info" tab on the left border, and pull down the "Civic" drop-down menu.

If your neighborhood doesn’t have a civic league and a group of neighbors is interested in forming one, The Department of Neighborhood Services can assist.  You can view your Neighborhood Service Area and contact your Neighborhood Development Specialist or contact neighborhood engage.