Street Lighting Program

Street Light Replacement Dashboard

The dashboard shows street light replacement priority information including location, bulb type, and wattage. Project areas of the city are determined by civic league neighborhood designations or by major thoroughfares. Click through the pages to see when the city plans to replace the street lights in your neighborhood!

LED Street Light Conversion

As part of its strategic plan to enhance environmental sustainability and improve public safety, the City of Norfolk has developed a multi-year project to convert all streetlights from the current high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures to the more energy efficient light emitting diode or (LED) fixtures.

LED lights before after

LEDs require less maintenance and are more energy efficient, which contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emission associated with their use. Streetlights are important to the safety of our City, and in addition to being more efficient, LEDs also create a more even spread of light, minimizing bright and dark spots. The light appears brighter and whiter, making it easier than traditional yellow looking HPS lights to identify what’s illuminated below. The new light fixture will be similar in style to the existing fixtures.

All these factors contribute to the City’s plan to convert the over 30,000 streetlights to LEDs. To complete this project in an economical and efficient manner, the conversion will occur in five phases over the next five years. This project is budgeted in the Capital Improvement Fund.

Light flow, safety, equity, and budget considerations were the factors considered that produced the conversion schedule below. To see when lights in your neighborhood will be converted check out the map below.

Map Coming Soon

Petition for a New Street Light

The city policy regarding the installation of street lighting on residential streets is done through the following process. 

  • Investigations are needed to justify consideration for the installation of street lighting. Investigations are only done for an entire block.
  • To begin an investigation, the City must receive a petition signed by a minimum of 51% of the residents with properties bordering the entire block in question.
  • If justification is warranted, the street lighting will be installed under the following provisions:
    • Streetlights will be installed on the entire length of the block.
    • The number, size, type and location of streetlights to be installed will be determined by the City of Norfolk.

Although it is recognized that a certain amount of illumination will spill onto private properties as a result of the installation of the streetlights, no shielding or shading of any type will be authorized in order to prevent this from occurring.

Streetlight Repairs

Report a streetlight in need of repair on the Dominion Energy website

  • pole-identifiersBefore reporting a streetlight outage, take note of a couple of things that will help Dominion repair the correct light
    • Jot down the pole number
    • Note the nearest street address
  • The pole numbers are located directly on the pole and come in two formats
    • one letter, four numbers, two letters, two numbers (for example, B1831 RL22), or
    • two letters, two numbers (for example, ND66)

Street Lights and Outages Reports Data

View the Street Lights and Outages Reports dataset on the Norfolk Open Data portal.

View the Streetlight Outages Map

View the Street Lights by Bulb Type Map