Storm & Flooding Information

Evacuation Information

Know when to evacuate and planning to evacuate.

Know Your Zone So You Know When to Go. Zone A. Zone B. Zone C.

Know Your Zone

Zones  are designated  A through D. Zones  provide residents with clarity on whether they should evacuate in an emergency or shelter at home, based on their physical street address and the nature of the emergency event.

Find your zone.

Shelter Information

Find out when and which shelters are open and Norfolk shelter Locations.

Pet-Friendly Shelters

  • Bayview Recreation Center
  • Berkley Community Center

Flood Zone Information

What is a flood zone, what are flood zones, what flood zones require flood insurance and what flood zone am I in?

Storm Surge Maps

According to NOAA, a storm surge is an abnormal rise of water generated by a storm, over and above the predicted astronomical tides.

Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Changes

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has updated their flood maps for Norfolk and they became effective February 17, 2017.

Repetitive Flood Loss Information

As you may be aware, your property is located in an area that has experienced flooding several times over the last 30 years.  A map of these areas is included here.  Although your property may not have been affected by flooding, properties near yours have. Each year, the City sends notifications to property owners in these areas to alert them to this issue and to share four important steps that can be taken to protect your property.