Neighborhood Task Forces

Neighborhood Task Forces

City Council established neighborhood task forces comprised of City Council members, city administration, neighborhood representatives, and business owners. Each task force has one or more City Council members who chair each task force. They regularly attend and act as the liaison on behalf of the City Council.

The schedule below was pre-Covid-19 and does not reflect ongoing changes due to the pandemic.  

Projected Schedule for Calendar Year 2020 

 (Individual meetings may be subject to change)

Task ForceCouncil MembersDivision Staff AssignedDateTimeLocations
Broad CreekMamie JohnsonEmail Jamie GoldinSuspended1 p.m.10th Floor City Hall
810 Union Street
Huntersville/Lindenwood/ Church Street/Barraud Park/Cottage HeightsAngelia Williams-Graves/ Paul RiddickEmail Raven BlandEvery other month (1st Thursday)
Jan 9, Mar 5, May 7
Quarterly (1st Thursday)
Aug 6, Nov 5
6 p.m.Huntersville Neighborhood Service Center
830 Goff Street

East Little Creek Road

Tommy Smigiel/ Andria McClellan
Email Nikki SouthallQuarterly (2nd Monday)
Feb 24, May 11, Aug 10, Nov 9
5:30 p.m.Roosevelt Gardens Civic League Building
8440 Mona Avenue
Fairmount ParkMamie Johnson/ Angelia Williams-GravesEmail Delk Koolman

Biannual (4th Thursday)

Jan 23 & Jun 25

7 p.m.New Hope Christian Community Center
3241 Brest Avenue
GhentAndria McClellan/ Courtney DoyleEmail Raven BlandEvery other month, (2nd Friday)
Jan 10, Mar 13, May 8, Jul 10, Sep 11, Nov 13
8 a.m.10th Floor City Hall
810 Union Street
Greater NorviewMamie Johnson/ Angelia Williams-GravesEmail Delk Koolman3-Times a Year (3rd Thursday)
Mar 19, Jun 18, Oct 15
6:30 p.m.
Norview Community Center
6380 Sewells Point Road
Greater Wards CornerAndria McClellan/ Courtney Doyle/ Martin ThomasEmail Jim HerbstQuarterly (2nd Thursday)
Feb 13, May 14, Aug 13, Nov 12
8:30 a.m.

Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center
7300 Newport Avenue
Park Place/Lambert’s Point/Kensington/Villa HeightsAngelia Williams-Graves/ Courtney DoyleEmail Denise WilsonQuarterly (4th Wednesday)
Jan 22, Apr 22, Jul 22, Oct 28
5:30 p.m.Park Place Neighborhood Service Center
606 W 29th Street
Ocean View Advisory CommitteeAndria McClellan/ Tommy SmigielEmail Nikki SouthallQuarterly (3rd Thursday)
Jan 16, Apr 23, Jul 16, Oct 15
5:30 p.m.Mary D. Pretlow Library
111 West Ocean View Avenue
SouthsidePaul Riddick/Angelia Williams-GravesEmail Jamie GoldinEvery month (1st Tuesday) except July and August
8:00 a.mAlternates between Southside Aquatic Center (1750 Campostella Road), Campostella Heights Resource Center (1714 Mt. Vernon Avenue) and Southside STEM Academy
Riverview Business AssociationCourtney Doyle /Angelia Williams-Graves/Andria McClellanEmail Jim HerbstMonthly, (2nd Tuesday)6 p.m.

Charlie’s All American Cafe
4027 Granby Street
Downtown Civic LeagueAndria McClellanEmail Raven BlandMonthly (2nd Wednesday)8:00 a.m..Dominion Enterprises
150 Granby Street