Ambulance/Paramedical Service Billing

The City of Norfolk's ambulance/paramedical service costs are outlined in the City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 17.1, Article V, Section 17.1-49.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get a copy of my Norfolk Fire-Rescue ambulance/paramedical bill?

Digitech Computer (telephone: 888-820-1534) is contracted by the City of Norfolk to manage accounts that are in a “current” status or paid while they were current.

The Collections division (telephone: 757-664-4193) of the City of Norfolk Department of Finance manages accounts that are in a “collections” status.

How do I know if my account is current or in collections?

Most current accounts are those for ambulance service provided within the last year. 

Open accounts are definitely in collections if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • The service took place before January 1, 2015.
  • You have had a Warrant in Debt delivered to you regarding non-payment of the account.
  • A court judgement was made finding you responsible for the account’s balance.
  • The City of Norfolk has filed a lien against property you own in order to collect the account balance.
  • Your wages have been garnished for payment.
  • Your tax return has been seized for payment.
  • Your lottery winnings have been seized for payment.

How can I find out if my insurance was filed for my ambulance service?

Call Digitech Computer or the Collections division of the City of Norfolk’s Finance department as appropriate (see above).

How can I get a copy of my Norfolk Fire-Rescue ambulance record (this is also known as a Pre-hospital Care Report or PCR?)

If you are the patient, there are two ways you can receive a copy of your record.

  • If you would like to come in to our office at 100 Brooke Avenue, Suite 500, we can print the report while you wait.  You would simply need to bring a photo I.D. which could be copied and fill out a request form. 
  • If you do not want to come in, you can fill out a different request form PDF which must be notarized and sent back to us, after which we can mail your record to you. 

If you are not the patient, you may still be able to obtain a copy of the report, depending on the circumstances. These circumstances include but are not limited to being the patient’s parent or legal guardian, being the administrator or executor of the patient’s estate, or having Medical Power of Attorney for the patient.  Please contact Norfolk Fire-Rescue at 757-664-6600 to learn if you can obtain the report and what would be required.

How do I dispute an ambulance charge if I believe my name and/or information was used fraudulently?

Obtain a copy of your PCR (see above), then contact the Collections division (telephone: 757-664-4193) of the City of Norfolk Department of Finance.