Family Planning Clinic

The Norfolk Department of Public Health's Family Planning Program is dedicated to providing family planning services to people of reproductive age.

We accept most insurance plans. Fees are based on a sliding scale. Services will not be denied due to the inability to pay. 

Please bring your ID and income verification and/or insurance card.

Please keep in mind that due to safety concerns, the clinic is not a child friendly space. Children are not allowed in the exam area and cannot be left unattended in the waiting room of the clinic.  

Services Provided:

Physical exams, breast exams, Pap and HPV testing for ages 21-65, birth control, emergency contraception, screening, testing, and counseling for STIs, pregnancy testing, abstinence education, risk reduction, preventative care, sexual health, healthy habits, and problem visits.

What to Expect:

As part of your visit, your height, weight, and blood pressure will be checked. If needed, we will also complete a urine pregnancy test. 

You will be provided with education on all methods of birth control including abstinence. If needed, you can be evaluated by one of our Clinicians.

All services are CONFIDENTIAL. You do not have to receive a birth control method at the time of your visit. Abstinence and birth control education are always available.