Multimodal Norfolk

What is Multimodal Norfolk?

The City of Norfolk is developing a Multimodal Transportation Master Plan to help Check out the latest updates text box linkdefine the direction that the City’s transportation system will take over the coming years. This Plan will provide the framework for both large  and small transportation decisions about  projects, priorities, coordinated planning with respect to land use decisions, public/private initiatives, other infrastructure projects, and more.

What is Multimodal Norfolk? (6:00)  Multimodal Norfolk is about the future of transportation.  What does that future look like?

Vision, Goals, and ObjectivesGraphical text box stating "The purpose of Multimodal Norfolk is to better connect the ways we travel in Norfolk – by foot, bus, bike, scooter and car - to make our city safer and more prosperous in the future."

Multimodal Norfolk is about:

  • Making sure everybody is safe on Norfolk’s streets 
  • Giving people freedom to get where they need to go 
  • Giving everyone viable choices for getting around and accessing opportunities to work, learn, play, and gather 
  • Making investments in transportation to make a better community.

Multimodal Norfolk Vision:

"Multimodal Norfolk is a blueprint for linking all travel modes to support the safety, connectedness, and prosperity of the people of Norfolk and the region."Vision Themes image

Multimodal Norfolk Goals and Objectives:

Goals and Objectives image