Planning for Broad Creek Refresh

                                                                     April 30 Virtual Community Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Broad Creek Survey

The Department of City Planning is embarking on a community-driven “refresh” of the 2004 Broad Creek Plan (Broad Creek Revitalization & Implementation Plan Book). Much has changed in the Broad Creek Community since the plan was adopted, such as the construction of new homes, a new school and library and The Kroc Center, to name a few. But much has not changed, such as the continued land use conflicts in portions of the community. It is important to build off these successes and address the issues that still remain, such as the industrial areas and some of the commercial nodes that still need attention. Revisiting the Plan with the community will lead to a revised vision and direction for Plan implementation.

 View Study Area Map (PDF)

The Broad Creek Refresh is a two-part effort:

  • Phase I included amendments to the general plan, plaNorfolk2030 and the zoning map pertaining to specific properties within the Broad Creek Study Area:  Affected Properties (PDF), Properties to be rezoned with streets (PDF), Future Land Use Map amendments (PDF)
    • The general plan amendments and rezonings were adopted by the City Council on June 23, 2020.
    • For more information on these Phase I amendments, please review these staff reports
  • Phase II includes a robust public participatory process which may identify additional issues and opportunities to address.  Phase II work may include further refinements of Phase I work. We will need ongoing input and assistance from residents and stakeholders during this phase. A major aspect of Phase II is the Broad Creek Refresh survey. You can access this survey by visiting the link at the top of this page.

  • The Department of Transit is managing another significant project in the Broad Creek area - the Princess Anne Road Corridor Improvements. For more information on this project, please visit:  

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