St. Paul's Transformation Project

Project Overview

The St. Paul’s Area is home to the region’s highest concentration of public housing with 1,674 aging units that do not meet modern building standards in three adjacent family public housing communities. This area floods regularly, a problem worsened by crumbling infrastructure. Lack of connectivity to the rest of the city creates a sense of physical, social and economic isolation in the community.  

St. Paul’s CNI Vision Plan

Residents in partnership with the City of Norfolk and the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA), developed a vision for the St. Paul’s Area. This resident-led neighborhood transformation will ensure that all families are stable and thriving through an investment in family supportive services and that the community is physically transformed into one of Norfolk’s most desirable neighborhoods where residents of all income levels, races, ages and cultures can live, learn, work, play and thrive. 

Norfolk has an opportunity to improve the lives of people through a public-private partnership. The transformation is driven by three key goals:

  1. Increase self-sufficiency, financial independence, and successful outcomes for families by providing housing choices and customized supportive services of People First.
  2. Deconcentrate poverty and develop high quality mixed-income, mixed-use communities of choice.
  3. Provide access to excellent educational opportunities in partnership with Norfolk Public Schools, local colleges and universities and early childhood education institutions.

Our goals are achieved by:




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