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St. Paul’s Area residents communicated their desire for individualized supportive services to improve their lives. People First is strengths-based and family focused. Launched in August 2018, People First seeks to address current family challenges, empower residents to lead healthy, prosperous lives, and build upon existing community strengths and assets. 

The program is providing effective and high-quality mobility services and human capital investment services to residents in Tidewater Gardens, phase 1 of the redevelopment. As the transformation progresses, People First will ultimately touch every one of the 1,700 families living in the St. Paul’s Area. 

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The City has committed $3.5 million annually to People First ensuring

  • A high-quality, comprehensive approach to enhancing life outcomes for residents
  • Individualized family coaching and referral services
  • System that stays with families throughout the transformation

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Urban Strategies, Inc. (USI)

USI logoUrban Strategies, Inc. (USI), a non-profit organization, was selected by the City and NRHA through a competitive procurement process to implement the People First program. USI is a national leader in results-informed human services development, planning, and strategy implementation as part of comprehensive neighborhood transformations. Through People First, USI will ensure that all families and children in St. Paul’s are stable and thriving.

USI’s work is driven by four foundational pillars:
  1. Housing stability
  2. Economic mobility
  3. Health
  4. Education
To learn more about USI visit their website.
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  • Office hours- 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Location- 521 Ruffner Street
  • Phone- 757-390-4365


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