Office of Resilience

The city’s Resilience Strategy was released in 2015, detailing a three-pronged approach to building the city’s resilience to stresses and vulnerabilities. Three key goals drive the strategy:

  1. Design the Coastal Community of the Future
  2. Create Economic Opportunity and Advance Efforts to Grow Existing and New Industry Sectors
  3. Advance Initiatives to Connect Communities, Deconcentrate Poverty and Strengthen Neighborhoods

The St. Paul’s Transformation effort was managed through the Office of Resilience until 2019 when the City created the Office of St. Paul’s Transformation to manage and coordinate a successful neighborhood transformation. The St. Paul’s Transformation efforts include all three areas of the city’s resilience strategy and provides an innovative test ground for the strategy in action. The two offices are co-located and collaborate daily to advance the city’s resilience and community development goals in the St. Paul’s Area. 

Resilience Strategy