Norfolk Animal Care Center

  • Is the Norfolk Animal Care & Adoption Center open?
    • Yes, the NACC is now open to the public. 
    • Virtual and no-contact services are available.
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  • The Norfolk Animal Care Center will update and maintain with animals available for adoption, foster, as well as lost animals during this closure.
  • Every effort will be made to assist in reuniting families with their missing companion animals.

Owner Surrenders:

  • Pet retention resources are available and will be provided to help keep families together.
  • Requests to surrender animals for medical emergencies, public safety, and exigent circumstances will be admitted immediately.
  • Those that do not qualify in any of the above categories will be provided with information, guidance and resources and an intake appointment will be scheduled for a later date if needed.

Owner euthanasia requests:

  • Owner euthanasia requests follow the same intake process as owner surrender requests. Pet retention resources will be offered.
  • Pets with medical conditions surrendered for euthanasia are saved whenever humanely possible. Owners may request euthanasia, however the decision to euthanize is ultimately made by shelter staff and/ or a contracted veterinarian.
  • Pets surrendered for euthanasia due to behavior concerns will be afforded the same consideration by shelter staff as those with medical conditions, when and if deemed safe to do so.

During current business hours (M- Sun, 8 a.m. - 5: 00 p.m.) call 757-441-5505. After hours, call Police Non-Emergency Dispatch at 757-664-7387. Staff is also available by email at