Norfolk City Data

Norfolk City Data

Why City of Norfolk Data? 

Our data provides important reference information for Norfolk residents and business owners. Data from a diverse range of city departments illustrate city workings through real-time numbers, statistics, maps and visualizations. Explore tools from around the city linked on this page for a comprehensive view of how the city looks and operates. Resources here also include links to important data from state and national organizations.

We hope these data encourage exploration and understanding of the many services and operations of the City of Norfolk, as well as tools for our residents to track and help improve city services.

Public Data Available on website

Norfolk AIR

Norfolk AIR is the premier site for property information in Norfolk. Norfolk AIR, short for Norfolk Address Information Resource, is a web application that provides quick access to a wide variety of data, maps and aerial photography for all addresses in the City.

Norfolk GIS

The Geographic Information System (GIS) web page provides links to maps, photos, interactive mapping applications and citywide GIS data.

Norfolk Open Data Portal

Open Data is city data that can be used, repurposed, and distributed by anyone without restriction or cost. Learn more about Norfolk’s Open Data Program here.


Where's the Data in Your Neighborhood? 
Learn how to find data about your neighborhood in Norfolk’s Open Data portal.

Norfolk Police Data Hub


Provides the public five years of police data broken down in an interactive and easy-to-read hub. View the Norfolk Police Data Hub.

Click these links to access a variety of city dashboards.

Capital Improvement Plan Dashboard

Diversity Dashboard

Revenue and Expenditure Summary Dashboard

Covid-19 Impact Dashboard

Norfolk City Data

External Data Sources:

Other sources of raw data and analysis available to the public include weather, demographics, traffic, flood insurance, water levels, population health, economic opportunity, and geographic boundaries. 

Commonwealth of Virginia Open Data

To visit the Virginia Open Data Portal, click here.

To view Virginia’s fiscal and demographic data, click here

Census Data

To find available Census APIs, click here

To view quick Census facts about Norfolk, click here and here

To download geography files, such as shapefiles, click here

To download geography files with demographic and economic data, click here

Weather and Tide Data

To view the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) Tidewatch Map, click here

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Data:

The following links provide portals into NOAA datasets and visualizations, including climate, tide, and map data. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this goldmine of data.

To view NOAA datasets and visualizations by category, click here.

To view NOAA maps and geospatial products, click here

To view historical weather and climate data, in addition to station history information, click here

To view historical, current, and predicted tide and water level data, click here

To view demographic data, click here.


To view FEMA data that is available in multiple formats, click here

To view the FEMA Flood Map, click here

City Health Dashboard

To view a population health dashboard for Norfolk, as well as a comparison to other cities, click here

Opportunity Atlas

To view an interactive map showing economic mobility and demographic data, click here

Waze Data

To view the live Waze map, showing traffic and road incident data, click here.

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