Parking Violation Fine Fees

Parking Violation Fees

Below is a fee schedule of parking violations of the City of Norfolk Motor Vehicle Codes commonly issued by parking enforcement personnel.

Fee schedule includes the following amount added to the original citation after:

  • 31 days = Original citation + $50
  • 91 days = (Original citation + $50 ) + $20
  • 115 days = DMV Hold + (Original citation + $50 + $20) +$25
  • NSF Fees = $35
  • Tax Intercept Fees = $25 per year
Parking ViolationFine
Blocking Driveway$50
Blocking Fire Lane$150
Facing Wrong Way$50
Handicapped Parking$300
No Parking$50
No Parking - Bus Stop$50
No Parking - Cross Walk$50
No Parking - Here to Corner$50
No Parking - Fire Hydrant$150
No Parking - Loading Zone$50
No Parking - Street Cleaning$60
No Parking - This Side$50
No Stopping Zone$50
Overnight Parking$50
Overtime Parking - Meter$35
Overtime Parking - Meter Feeding$50
Overtime Parking - Time Zone$50
Parking off of Roadway$50
Restricted City Lot$50
Taxi Stand$50

Contesting a Ticket

If you feel there is a valid reason why you should not be responsible for a parking fine, you have the right to contest the ticket.