General Orders

The following general orders are the policies of the Norfolk Police Department as approved by the Chief of Police, City Attorney, and the City Manager. Every policy and procedure of the Norfolk Police Department is inspected annually and has been reviewed by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) to ensure it complies with the best practices in law enforcement. 

Some of the policies listed below have been redacted and/or are not available to the public because the policies contain sensitive law enforcement information and are exempt from release in accordance with Virginia Freedom of Information Act § 2.2-3706. Disclosure of law-enforcement and criminal records; limitations.

General Orders

  1. ADM-115 Forms Control
  2. ADM-120 Organizational Structure
  3. ADM-123 Reserve Officers
  4. ADM-125 Jurisdiction-City of Norfolk
  5. ADM-130 News Media Policy
  6. ADM-135 Social Media
  7. ADM-210 Internal Complaints
  8. ADM-215 Early Intervention System
  9. ADM-220 Disciplinary Procedures
  10. ADM-230 Grievance File Maintenance
  11. ADM-240 City Attorney Representation
  12. ADM-310 Transfer
  13. ADM-320 Dress and Personal Appearance
  14. ADM-325 Wellness and Physical Fitness
  15. ADM-330 Workers Compensation
  16. ADM-335 Infectious Disease Control
  17. ADM-340 Modified Duty
  18. ADM-345 CISM-Peer Team
  19. ADM-350 Master Police Officer Program
  20. ADM-360 Promotional Process
  21. ADM-370 Leave
  22. ADM-375 Military Deployment
  23. ADM-380 Outside Employment
  24. ADM-385 Awards and Commendations
  25. ADM-390 Additional Time
  26. ADM-392 Salary and Payroll
  27. ADM-395 Administrative Duty
  28. ADM-397 Personnel Information
  29. ADM-410 Property and Evidence
  30. ADM-411 Laboratory Examinations
  31. ADM-415 Crime Prevention and Community Relations
  32. ADM-418 Norfolk Crime Line
  33. ADM-420 Virginia Uniform Summons
  34. ADM-423 Honor Guard
  35. ADM-425 Inspections
  36. ADM-430 Animal Calls for Service
  37. ADM-435 Fiscal Procedures
  38. ADM-440 False Alarm Reports
  39. ADM-442 Abatement Notification
  40. ADM-445 Legal Process
  41. ADM-448 Report Management
  42. ADM-450 Criminal History
  43. ADM-453 Records Retention
  44. ADM-455 Virginia Freedom of Information Act
  45. ADM-458 Surplus and Useless Property
  46. ADM-460 Emergency Preparedness Unit
  47. ADM-463 Departmental Committees
  48. ADM-465 Ride-Along Program
  49. ADM-468 Chaplain Program
  50. ADM-470 Interpreters
  51. ADM-473 Crime Victim Compensation
  52. ADM-475 Magistrate Video System
  53. ADM-480 Asset Forfeiture
  54. ADM-485 Trespass Enforcement
  55. ADM-488 Ceremonies and Honors
  56. ADM-490 Out of City Travel
  57. ADM-498 Retired Officers Weapons
  58. ADM-510 In Car Video System
  59. ADM-520 City Owned Property
  60. ADM-530 Vehicle Maintenance
  61. ADM-550 Personal Vehicles for City Business
  62. ADM-560 Soft Body Armor
  63. ADM-620 Specialized and Advanced Training
  64. ADM-630 Roll Call
  65. ADM-640 Remedial Training
  66. OPR-110 Firearms
  67. OPR-120 Use of Force
  68. OPR-130 Electronic Control Weapon
  69. OPR-145 Electronic Reporting System
  70. OPR-150 Forced Entry
  71. OPR-210 Transporting Prisoners
  72. OPR-220 Burglary In Progress
  73. OPR-230 Prisoner Booking
  74. OPR-240 Parking Ticket
  75. OPR-310 Accident Investigation
  76. OPR-320 Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  77. OPR-330 Assistance to Motorists
  78. OPR-340 Towing
  79. OPR-350 Checkpoints
  80. OPR-410 Deadly Force Incidents
  81. OPR-415 Incident Based Reporting
  82. OPR-420 Preliminary Investigations
  83. OPR-423 Eyewitness Identification
  84. OPR-425 Interviews
  85. OPR-428 Search Warrants
  86. OPR-430 Case Reports
  87. OPR-440 Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations
  88. OPR-452 Family Violence
  89. OPR-455 Shoplifting
  90. OPR-457 Missing or Endangered Adults
  91. OPR-460 Foreign Nationals
  92. OPR-475 Wanted Posters
  93. OPR-492 LPR System
  94. OPR-495 Strip Searches
  95. OPR-510 Radio Communications Redacted
  96. OPR-530 Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
  97. OPR-610 Incident Command System (ICS)
  98. OPR-620 Line of Duty Deaths
  99. OPR-625 Joint Active Threat Response
  100. OPR-630 Hostage and Barricade Resolution
  101. OPR-640 K9 Patrol and Explosive Detector Dogs
  102. OPR-650 Bomb Threats
  103. OPR-660 Jail Emergencies
  104. OPR-670 Escape of State Inmates
  105. OPR-690 Plainclothes-Non Uniformed Regulations
  106. OPR-710 Operation of Police Vehicles
  107. OPR-715 Body Worn Cameras
  108. OPR-720 Juveniles
  109. OPR-730 Court Appearances and Procedures
  110. OPR-740 Mentally Ill Persons
  111. OPR-745 Hospitals and Psychiatric Facilities
  112. OPR-750 Field Command
  113. OPR-755 Interactions with Transgender Intersex and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals
  114. OPR-770 Bicycle
  115. OPR-780 Military Personnel Arrests
  116. OPR-785 Confined Space Entry
  117. OPR-790 Hazard Communication Program
  118. OPR-795 Tactical Trauma Care

Police Officer's Manual

  • OPR-480 Confidential Informants - Exempt from Public Release
  • OPR-485 Criminal Intelligence - Exempt from Public Release
  • OPR-490 Bait Vehicles - Exempt from Public Release
  • OPR-520 Communications with Attorneys - Exempt from Public Release