All inspections can be scheduled at

As of June 9, 2021, the Division of Building Safety will start conducting field inspections using normal and pre-COVID procedures. No third-party inspections will be accepted unless used as outlined in the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code. No pictures, virtual (FaceTime, Google Dou, Zoom, etc.), or video will be used for first-time inspections. At the discretion of the inspector, pictures or virtual videos may be used on follow-up inspections or very small projects.

All first-time inspections will be conducted on-site unless the project is very small. Inspectors will be required to wear face protection, gloves and continue to practice physical distance while conducting on-site inspections. If at any time the inspector feels unsafe or threatened, he/she will leave the site, make documentation in the system with a failed result, and a new inspection must be re-scheduled by the contractor. Should this occur, there will be a re-inspection fee.

INSPECTION RESULTS:  Inspection results are emailed to up to three registered email addresses, designated by the permit applicant.   

For questions, please call 757-664-6565.