Green Bucket Brigade

The GrGBBLogoSmall-1incheen Bucket Brigade is the City of Norfolk’s newest litter task force, uniting businesses, nonprofits, government, and all residents of Norfolk in the fight against litter. Through the Green Bucket Brigade, you can adopt your own litter kit including a green 5-gallon bucket, a litter grabber, trash bags, and KNB swag. Keep your corner clean and inspire others to do the same. Join the fight and keep Norfolk LITTER-FREE!

Register for the Green Bucket Brigade. 

How does the Green Bucket Brigade work? 

The Green Bucket Brigade is simple. Pick up litter and report the amount back to us! We make it easy to report too. Just scan your bucket's QR code using your smartphone and fill out the online form. That's it! If the QR code does not work for you, your bucket includes postcards to fill out and return to us. 

GBB2What comes in my green bucket?

Your green bucket comes with everything you need to fight litter - a collapsible grabber, trash bags, gloves, hand sanitizer, and your green bucket brigade packet! 

How often do I have to use my green bucket? 

We request participants use their green bucket at least once a month. 

How do I get started? 

The Green Bucket Brigade is currently piloting with residents and businesses of Norfolk. When more buckets become available, our online application will reopen. To be placed on a waitlist, e-mail

Green Bucket Brigade Success! 

  • 27 Residents 
  • 11 Businesses 
  • 3 Community Centers 
  • 8 Norfolk Zip Codes 
  • 750 pounds of trash collected since April 2021!

Green Bucket Brigade Packet 

For current participants: Report your Green Bucket Brigade Cleanup.