Building a Deck, Porch or Handicap Ramp

A deck of any size or height requires zoning approval and a building permit.


  • Survey or aerial photograph showing the proposed deck, porch or addition:
    • Distances to all property lines
  • General Permit application
    • A set of construction drawings or a complete PDF file, if emailing that includes but is not limited to:
  1. Footing, foundation, and framing plan
  2. Deck cross-section plan
  3. Deck joist and beam size and spacing
  4. Stair details (if necessary)
  5. Handrail and guardrail details (if necessary) 
  • Once all items are submitted to, we will place you into a 10 business day review.
    •  Once the site plan and construction plans are approved, we will notify you and request payment.

    All trades are permitted separately

Typical Deck Detail (DCA6)

Typical Deck Detail (DCA6) Spanish version

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