FOG - "Fats, Oils & Grease - Can it!"

Grease Clogged Pipe Image

FOG in the sanitary sewer will solidify and build up over time, eventually causing the sewer to overflow into the street, your yard, or even your home. It is important that everyone make every effort to keep FOG from going down the drain. Select an option below to learn more about FOG in your home or business.

Link to information about residential fats, oils and grease
Link to information about Food Serve Establishment fats, oils and grease

Thank you for keeping Norfolk sewers grease free!

Find out more information about Norfolk’s FOG Program by contacting us:

Phone: 757-620-2688
Fax: 757-441-5639
Mail:  City of Norfolk, 6040 Waterworks Rd., Norfolk, VA 23502

24 HR Water & Sewer Emergency #757-823-1000

To request a presentation, brochures, posters, fight the fat lids, sink strainers or other public information services, please call 757-664-6730 or email